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Custom Web Stores

Team IP has ecommerce solutions that simply work!

These solutions make each customer’s online shopping experienceenjoyable with well-designed shopping carts, quality products and superior customer service.

Team IP offers:

  • Custom Designed Shopping Cart
  • Complete Order Fulfillment Services
  • Email Promotions
  • Social Network Integration using Facebook, Twitter and others.
  • Custom Designed Event Merchandise
  • Pre-Sale Purchasing Opportunities
  • Post-Sale Purchasing Opportunities



Team IP provides a fusion between a group of people with over 100 years of custom decoration industry experience and another group of top technology innovators who get excited about solving real ‘brick and mortar’ problems. These are the kind of challenges small and large decorating businesses are dealing with every day

From online designer options, to real time quotes, order process and invoice management Team IP will provide a custom to for you. Team IP has a range of professional services to assist with building, growing, and promoting your webstores.With live integration throughFacebook and Instagram your customers can import their own photos and designs to create truly personalized products.Inspire your clients with highly visual and professional online shopping experience. Your client will see their exact artwork on the exact product reducing errors in communication plus giving your client confidence that what they have ordered will be delivered. Full customer service professionals with streamline communication with client by integrated messaging. Provide more than just a platform!

Team IP’s online designer is non-flash based therefore works on devices that don’t support flash such as iPad, iPhone and Android.With53% of adult mobile phone owners using their device to access the Internet, you don’t want your buying customers greeted with a blank page!