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Build it and they will come does not work today. Anyone can get visitors to your website, but was the impression made?  Did you get your message across? Just having a website is not enough. Team IP is an international web designer and development company specializing in showcasing clients online. Team IP can execute all facets of web development. Team IP has the ability to create a great experience for visitors coming to YOUR website. Team IP can create a website that will get visitors connected.

Build a showcase not just a website.


Every person is different and every company is even more different, communication is essential. Building a website is like building a car. Building a showcase is like building a Lamborghini, must have the wow factor. An effective website should capture visitors and engaged them with your company. Many businesses lose more opportunity than they will ever know because they make a bad first impression with a sloppy, thrown together site that does not represent them correctly.

Building a showcase consists of a consultation to determine who is coming to your site and what needs to be done to accomplish the end result of “Wow, I want to do business with this company.” Next, we walk you through the process, step-by-step, in order to go from your current site to a true Showcase. Starting with the home page and then on to all the additional pages on the site that need to be designed and set up to inspire confidence and that “wow” factor with every person coming to the site.

Every website has content; not every website has great content.

Visitors are initially impressed by the look of a website, but the same showcase quality with your content to gain their confidence and business is a must.

Showcase content takes that initial impression of “Wow! I want to do business with this company.” Solid content tells visitors how to do business with your company and reinforces their initial confidence that you are the company to do business with.

With Team IP’s content writing services your visitors will know who you are, what you do, and what they need to do next in order to move forward. Provide showcase content for the full website showcase experience.